Give the chord progression and a style and JChordBox generates a song.

JChordBox is a library tool that can generate backing tracks from a chord progression and a music style (containing music templates or grooves).

A music Style is describe using an XML and a MIDI file. You can generate an XML Style file from a MIDI file by adding markers to delimit grooves (or music templates).

An XML Song file describes a chord progression and sets the music style to use.

JChordBox comes with several command line tools (GenerateSong, CreateStyleFromMidiFile, SongPlayer …).

NEW:The application center is called SongPlayer and is a text based user interface that can play JChordBox song. SongPlayer is a MIDI Player that can loop a song, mute or soloing tracks and displays transport informations. SongPlayer is now the default jar application.

NEW:Examples have been added to the distribution package.

Sourceforge project page



JChordBox is released under GPLv3. You can consult the entire license here



The JChordBox software requires java 1.7. It should work on MAC and windows as well as on Linux system.

It is currently develop on Ubuntu 12.04 with openjdk 7 and tested on windows 7 with Oracle JRE 7.



See the User guide for installation, configuration and process explanation.



Look at sourceforge project download page.



JChordBox is in development stage. This means that it is under active development. A Bug tracker is available at sourceforge. If you want to help improve this software please take time to report bugs at



JChordBox is an open source software. For bug reports, feature requests, discussion forums, mailling lists, or any other matter related to the development of this piece of software, please use the Sourceforge project page.



Main developper and project maintainer: Laurent Schwartz

Logo designer : Thomas Saliba


Help Wanted

Help is welcome. JChordBox looks for some generous contributors. Several things can be done which don't need programmer skills:

If some java skilled programmers wish to build a front end (using javafx) like ChordPulse or help improve JChordBox, they are welcome !

If you are interested in helping this open source project, please contact me at eleandar (at) gmail (dot) com.



JChordBox has been created by Laurent Schwartz in 2013. MMA and ChordPulse inspired me.

Its goal is to provide a free, powerful yet simple to use piece of software to create MIDI musical accompaniment.

note: My mother tongue is french and my english is far from perfect.